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Hong Kong Company IncorporationHong Kong company incorporation is becoming more popular these days. You can refer to the free Guide to Hong Kong Company Incorporation for all the information on incorporate business in Hong Kong. As a leading service provider of Hong Kong business incorporation services, we are in a unique situation to provide you with a full range of services at best possible prices and value for money both for initial set up and ongoing maintenance. Our company is operated by highly qualified and experienced professionals who provide only the highest quality of corporate incorporation service to their clients. We offera free initial consultation for up to two hours from start to finish and provide a one-off registration system with no hidden costs.

There are several reasons why people decide to form Hong Kong company incorporation: to avail of the many benefits offered by the corporate taxation system in this regard; to enjoy all the privileges of being a foreign company; to open an international business centre, or to protect the assets of its stockholders. A company must meet specific requirements before it can become a valid legal entity in the eyes of the law. One of those requirements is the establishment of a qualified corporation in the prescribed forms. The company must also comply with the various trade and income accounting laws of Hong Kong.

The main procedure for registering a private limited company in Hong Kong is the first step towards it. It is followed by various processes such as submitting the Articles of Association and the stipulated closing date. A registered company must pay the prescribed annual tax to the government. A record of all correspondences and meetings held between the members is kept in the minutes of such sessions. These minutes are also essential for auditing the company’s accounts at regular intervals.

The next step for a company formation in Hong Kong is to apply for a registration number or a business registration certificate. Companies do not need to get these things, but it makes their task more manageable. A business registration certificate or a business registration number is also a document that proves that it is legally established and operated. It carries all the corporate tax and other obligations applicable to it. Companies can obtain these things from the authorities either through them in person or by submitting online applications.

The next step in company formation in Hong Kong is the payment of the fees. These fees are referred to as Registration fees in English, and they are charged at every renewal of registration. Companies must pay these fees before they can renew their registration. Companies can find the Registration fee-free of charge if they request it and have opted for an automatic registration after paying the necessary cash or submitting documents.

The company formation procedure in Hong Kong also involves the submission of articles of the establishment. These articles of establishment form a formal arrangement for the conduct of business. They are required to be registered along with the company registration and company books. Once these articles of the establishment have been submitted and approved by the authorized authority, companies can register their new company. Registration forms are available online, and companies can choose to download them or order them from the sources.

The company incorporation process is not completed until the relevant authority has approved the application for company registration. It is essential because the company registration process is only done once, and the company name cannot be changed unless the application for a change is approved. The company formation process includes various document preparation services that are made available to help ease company registration. These document preparation services include developing draft documents, technical specifications, consultation on legal matters, and registration of the documents.

Companies have the option to pay the registration fees in one lump sum or through monthly instalments. The payment structure for companies conducting business in Hong Kong will be determined by the type of registration that has been decided. Companies have the option to opt for either the single or joint corporation option. For instance, if a company has only one office and the directors or the members are all Hong Kong residents, then the company is a single corporation. On the other hand, if at least two company offices and the directors and the members are residents of both the offices, the company is a joint corporation. Thus, even though the company formation process in Hong Kong is time-consuming, it offers a sound legal system to facilitate the incorporation process of a company.

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