How to Cheat in Online Poker?

Poker has now travelled from being played at casinos and house parties to being played online. Yes, some sites let you play poker online. Many of you may not have known this, but there are various ways by which you can win at online poker almost every time. Even if you don’t win every time these tricks sure can increase your chances of winning. Excited to find out what are these tricks? You are in the right place then!

Three ways to cheat in online poker

There are quite a few ways by which you can cheat in online poker. We have enlisted three of the most popular and easiest ways by which you can cheat in an online poker game.

  1. Multi accounting

This is pretty much as its name sounds like. It refers to creating more than one account of a single player. By creating multiple accounts of a single player the individual can have access to more advantages than the other players at the table. Especially during tournaments, they have more lives than the other players.

  • Ghosting

Ghosting refers to the act of a trained player sitting by the side of the person playing the game and advising him about which decision to take. This is an undue advantage that the person has against the others at the table. He can consult an experienced player before taking any decision in the game. 

  • Poker bots

This is similar to multi-accounting, but of course not the same. Poker bots are computer programs of a kind that play poker. You can use these poker bots to play for yourself and suffer lesser setbacks than anyone else in the game.

You can learn more about cheating playing cards onlineon the web. However, you must also know that all of the above acts if and when caught are punishable offenses. You can even suffer huge losses. In casinos too, if you are caught you can be banned from playing poker there for a lifetime. So whatever you do, remember the risk that comes along with it.

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