Which is Better, an Electric Hand Dryer Or Paper Towels?

Many wouldn’t think of purchasing an electric hand dryer as a significant decision, but the choice between automatic dryers, push button styles, and paper towels can impact your business beyond the bathroom door. The addition of any one of these will affect the environment as well as several aspects of your business. If you are currently facing this decision, or will be in the near future, the comparison of these three methods can help you make an informed decision.

Automatic Dryers

The most convenient of the three options, automatic dryers have become a popular option for offices, plants, and businesses of all types and sizes. While these essentially work the same as a push button electric hand dryer, they use an electronic ‘eye’ to turn on and off. When you move your hand in front of the ‘eye,’ the motion sensor inside detects the movement and automatically triggers the internal switch to start the machine. The sensor instantly breaks the connection and shuts off as soon as it no longer detects motion.

The popularity of this type of unit rose for a few reasons. The main one being that these models have a high level of energy efficiency. The machine uses less wattage per second, but because it starts and stops with use, it runs far less than push button varieties. It also eliminates the waste of paper towels. Because you don’t have to touch the machine to use it, automatic dryers also have the highest level of hygiene in comparison to the other two.

Push Button Electric Hand Dryer

These work similar to the automatics, but you need to push a button on the outside of the unit to turn it on. You can find them in energy efficient models to help keep your utility bills down. A push button electric hand dryer runs on a timer. This means it runs for a specific time with or without someone using it. Therefore, this type of unit does waste a small amount of energy.

This type of unit does have considerably less impact on the environment than traditional towelling. Newer units also use less energy than older units that do not use the latest technology. Because they have a smaller price tag, however, a push button electric hand dryer may be the best option for smaller businesses with a smaller number of employees and customers. hand dryers

Paper Towels

This method has the most negative impact on the environment. It requires a large amount of resources to produce paper towels. Once used, this material takes even more energy to dispose of. Some manufacturers have attempted to limit the amount of waste by using fabric. However, this requires energy to clean, pick up, and spreads germs while pulling the fabric to a clean area, or being unable to recognize a clean segment. Hygiene also comes into play here. Any germs remaining on your hands will transfer onto the button or handle when you dispense the paper, contaminating the next person. The paper can also fall on the floor, spreading the germs even further.

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